2017-07-06 [The CCCUK] Invite China Europe Forum - London 6th July 2017

  CEIBS 3rd Europe Forum 2017  
China’s Outbound Investment:
New Opportunities for the UK to Gain a Slice
of China’s Growing Economic Pie
July 6, London
Everything you need to know about China’s outbound investment
- delivered directly to you by Asia’s leading business school!
Join us for unparalleled insight into China’s economic and outbound investment trends and a discussion on how the UK can gain a slice of China’s growing economic pie through China’s outbound investment.
Special Guests on topic of China's "Belt and Road Initiative" VS Brexit:
H.E. Boris Johnson (Invited)
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, UK
H.E. Liu Xiaoming (Invited)
Ambassador, the People’s Republic of China to the UK
Prof. Yang Jiemian
Chairman of Council of SIIS Academic Affairs, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies
Prof. Ding Yuan
Vice President and Dean; Cathay Capital Chair in Accounting, CEIBS
Ms. Catherine McGuinness
Chairman, the Policy and Resources Committee, the City of London Corporation
Mr. Angus Knowles-Cutler
Vice Chairman, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Services, Inc.
Vivid Cases of Chinese Companies Investing in the UK, including Greenfield Investments and M&As:
Mr. Sun Yu
Chairman, CCCUK; General Manager, Bank of China London Branch
Mr. Frank Slevin
Senior Vice President, Sanpower Group; Chairman, House of Fraser
Mr. Han Ruixiang
CEO, Industrial and
Commercial Bank of China (London) Plc
Ms. Rita Liu
Alipay Head of Europe, Middle-East and Africa
Mr. Henry Sun
Chairman of
NVC Lighting UK
Mr. Yuan Ye
Managing Director,
Hytera Communications Corporation Limited
UK Branch
Mr. Chris Gubbey
CEO, The London Taxi Company
Mr. Xu Lingjiang
Chief Representative of Fosun Group Lisbon & London Offices
Cutting-edge Case of Chinese and British Companies Tapping into the Third-Party Market:
Mr. Lu Ruquan
Director of International Department, China National Petroleum Corporation
Representative from BP
  You’re not just attending a forum; you’re connecting with the strongest network in China.  
• Co-founded by the Chinese government and the EU
• A world-class business school, a leader in Asia
• Operations in five regions across three continents
• Campuses in Zurich, Shanghai, Beijing and Accra 
• MBA Programme ranked #1 in Asia by Forbes & FT
• The world’s largest EMBA Programme
Strongest Network
• A delegation of 15 Chinese CEOs at the Forum
• More than 19,000 alumni in CEIBS’ network
• More than 130,000 executives trained
• More than 1,000 listed companies run by CEIBS alumni
• 100+ alumni companies invested, or going to invest,
   in Europe
Date & Time: 13:30-18:00, July 6th Venue: Deloitte Lecture Theatre, 1 Stonecutter Street, London, EC4A 4TR
Language: English/Chinese  
* The Forum Organizing Committee will review your registration and send out a formal confirmation letter once it has been approved.
Contact: Ms. Shuhan Jin, CEIBS
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