Chamber Board

The institutional setup is as follows:

Board member companies:

  1. Bank of China Limited London Branch / Bank of China (UK) Limited
  2. Sinochem Europe Holdings Plc
  3. China Telecom (Europe) Limited
  4. China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd
  5. CCPIT Representative Office in UK
  6. China Daily UK Co. Ltd
  7. Industrial & Commercial Bank Of China Limited London Branch / ICBC (London) plc.
  8. CCB London Branch / China Construction Bank (London) Limited
  9. Agricultural Bank of China (UK) Limited
  10. GF Financial Markets (UKLimited
  11. Bank of Communications London Branch
  12. Shanghai Asian Insurance (UK) Limited
  13. PetroChina International (London) Co., Ltd.
  14. Air China Limited (London Office)
  15. Greenland (UK) Investment Limited
  16. CGNPC UK Representative Office
  17. Minmetals (U.K.) Ltd.
  18. ABP (London) Investment Limited
  19. Huawei Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd.
  20. China Unicom (Europe) Operation Ltd
  21. China Mobile International (UK) Limited
  23. ZTE (UK) LTD
  24. Hytera Communications (UK) Co. Ltd.


Board Members:

Chairman:  Wenjian Fang, CEO, Bank of China (UK) Limited


  • LEI Jiazhao, Vice Managing Director, Sinochem Europe Holding Plc
  • CAO Li, Managing Director, China Telecom (Europe) Limited
  • GENG Jinhai, Managing Director, China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Limited
  • ZHANG Huijuan, Chief Representative, CCPIT Representative Office in UK


Executive Board Members: (listed in no particular order)

  • CAO Hui, General Manager, ZTE (UK) LIMITED
  • HAN Ruixiang, Managing Director, Industrial & Commercial Bank Of China Limited London Branch / ICBC (London) plc.
  • LI Biao, Managing Director, CCB London Branch / China Construction Bank (London) Limited
  • LI Wensha, General Manager, China Daily UK Ltd
  • LUO Gang, CEO, Huawei Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd
  • LI Ruishan, CEO, Agricultural Bank of China(UK) Limited
  • PU Huiqiong, ChairmanShanghai Asian Insurance (UK) Limited
  • WANG Xiaohua, Managing Director, China Unicom (Europe) Operations Limited
  • CHENG Hongbing, General Manager, Air China Limited (London Office)
  • QIAN Wenhao, Managing Director, Greenland (UK)Investment Ltd
  • QI Yu, CEO, CGNPC UK Representative Office
  • SHI ShaohuiGF Financial Markets (UK) Limited
  • LUO Yizhou, Managing Director, PetroChina International (London) Co., Ltd
  • WANG Jin, General Manager, Minmentals (UK) Ltd
  • LIU Chunlei, General Manager, TP-LINK UK LIMITED
  • XU Ying, CEO, ABPLondonInvestment Limited
  • YUAN Ye, General Manager, Hytera Communications (UK) Co., Ltd
  • ZHANG Lei, General Manager, China Mobile International (UK) Limited
  • LIU Qiang, General Manager, Bank of Communications London Branch