UK-China Business Summit held in London


On October 21 2015, the UK-China Business Summit was held in London and was jointly sponsored by the CCPIT, UKTI, CBBC and with the CCCUK acting as a supporting organization. Over 400 representatives from both countries were present at the event from industrial and commercial sectors to conduct in-depth exchanges on strengthening of economic and trade cooperation and mutual beneficial development.

At the closing ceremony of the summit, Chinese President XI Jinping and UK Prime Minister David Cameron each delivered a speech to the attendees. President XI highlighted that the industrial structures of China and the UK are highly complementary, their similar philosophies in advocating open markets, and their same willingness to promote free trade and to increase investment. The development of China-UK cooperation within the “One Belt, One Road” framework is very promising with enormous potential. Prime Minister Cameron stressed that the UK government was committed to developing a strong UK-China partnership. Cooperation between the two countries in a wide range of areas such as the economy and trade meets the common interests of both countries and even those of the international community. In the course of President XI’s visit to the UK, a series of new cooperation agreements were concluded between both parties in areas such as nuclear energy and finance which will bring about great benefits for the citizens of both countries.

CCPIT President JIANG Zengwei, Lord Mayor of London Alan Yarrow, China-Britain Business Council Chairman Lord Sassoon, Rt. Hon Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills also attended the summit and delivered speeches.

Panel discussions on the topics of “investment in infrastructure” and “innovation development” were held at the event.

During the discussion on “investment in infrastructure”, delegates such as CITIC Chairman CHANG Zhenming, and China Construction Bank’s WANG Hongzhang expressed the wish for further cooperation on PPP projects. China Poly Group chairman XU Niansha expressed the hope to expand business opportunities with UK companies in areas such as low carbon community construction. Sir David Higgins, chairman of High Speed Two (HS2) Limited, introduced the project and invited participation from Chinese companies. HSBC Group Holdings Chairman Douglas Flint expressed the opinion that there are many opportunities for cooperation in green finance for China and UK companies. Standard Chartered Chairman Sir John Peace hoped to promote the “One Belt, One Road” project and for the country to establish harmonized market surveillance policies in order to give equal opportunities to SMEs.

During the discussion on “innovation development”, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth and LI Shufu of the Geely Holding Group both gave an introduction to its factory in Changshu in China and Geely’s taxi factory in Coventry, and also added that the potential for cooperation between the two countries in the automobile sector is very large. Sany Group Chairman LIANG Wengen expressed the wish to strengthen cooperation in the UK in the mechanical engineering design field. George Freeman, British Minister for Life Sciences introduced the 100,000 Genome Project, and spoke about the hope to further extend cooperation with Chinese organizations such as BGI Shenzhen.

MA Yun, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba, in discussion with Eileen Burbidge, Partner of Passion Capital and Chair of Tech City UK, described its plan to use the Alibaba platform to facilitate the exports by European SMEs to China.

During the summit, President XI Jinping and Prime Minister David Cameron met with company representatives from both China and the UK, and witnessed the signing of cooperation agreements in areas such as nuclear, energy and finance.